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In a better place  / . .
God saw he was getting tired and a cure was not to be.
So he put his arms around Him and whispered,
come with me. 
With tearful eyes we watched him suffer and fade away.
Althought we loved him dearly, we could not make him stay. 
A golden heart stopped beating, Hard working hands to rest. 
God broke our hearts to prove to us...
He only takes the Best.
We will miss Mike  / Paul Meyer (Clear Channel Outdoor )
     To Clear Channel Outdoor, Mike Deeds was a true giant of a man, not just in stature, but also in innovative talent, dedication and unrestrained passion for our business. With fiercely competitive determination, he never accepted “no” in the pursuit of what he believed would make us a better company. Yet despite his toughness and swagger, borne no doubt in part from his years in Vietnam, he was one of the most compassionate and sensitive men many of us have ever known.   Mike Deeds was not just immensely talented, but more importantly, he was a genuinely good person with an enormous heart, always looking for ways to help others. We all will miss him dearly.    
Your song  / Andi,Nic &. Sigrid Fuentes-French (Kids)  Read >>
Your song  / Andi,Nic &. Sigrid Fuentes-French (Kids)
We played your song for New Year’s.... we so miss you Close
The Watch  / Sigrid French (Daughter)  Read >>
The Watch  / Sigrid French (Daughter)
Wow....that is pretty much all I can say about these posting. I wanted to tell you that Harry had my watch fixed for Christmas. I really hope that the individual that ended up with your watch that matches mine knows it’s sentimental value. We has a wonderful Christmas with our little guy. He resembles you in so many ways. His build is pretty much exactly as yours was as a child. He truly is a Deeds. Harry is amazing grandpa and my hope is he and Nic will teach him all those things you taught Nic. You are never far from our thoughts and love you always.... Close
Lori AKA Whori  / No One   Read >>
Lori AKA Whori  / No One
I didn't know Mike...he seemed like a nice guy. Too bad he was unfortunate enough to meet Lori & marry her. I wouldn't be surprised if she married him only for his money. She to me is a GOLD DIGGER and a WHORE. She is having an affair with my husband!!! Close
You will always be the man of my dreams!  / Lori Deeds (Wife)  Read >>
You will always be the man of my dreams!  / Lori Deeds (Wife)
Dear Mike, it is hard to believe that you left this earth 7 years ago. So much has happened since then. Shane is becoming such a big guy now. he is 5 feet tall and 100 pounds. He has such fond memories of your Saturdays together. He loved going out for pancakes, then the car wash.  He remembers getting to pick out a bouncy ball with some kind of creature in it. He still talks about the haircuts, (pretend shave) and of course the massage. He reminds me of you when he would tell Michael or Boris exactly where he needed extra attention. But the best part was just sitting on your lap and reading books. You will always be his Papa Mike. Stephanie is a fantastic Mom. Shane plays the trumpet in school and did a duo and a trio performance in front of the whole school. He did such a great job. Shane goes to Florida every summer to his wonderful Grandparents and his Daddy too. He goes to the beach everyday and loves to fish. Of course the day that Grandma Leslie took him by herself, he caught a 4 ft shark. She freaked out, but Shane told her it was okay, he would just cut the line and release it. He enjoys the catch and release unless it is a Grouper. I remember how much you enjoyed the Blackened Grouper we had down in Clearwater Beach. Shannon has 2 darling little girls that would melt your heart. Presley Michelle is the little Diva and Bellamy Paige is Shannon's Saving Grace. Those little girls look like they belong in a fashion magazine. Presley did a West Coast Regional ad for Dillard's Dept. Store. Boy, was I a proud Grandma. Presley was also Student of the Month this May. Shannon and Wade are Great parents, they certainly spend alot of time with their girls. I will be calling Dave Spivey and Laurie Ward later today. We love to recall the good times we had. You are missed so very much. It was Now or Never. You will always be The Wind Beneath My Wings. Mike, It was a Beautiful Ride. XO, Lori Close
7 Years ago yesterday, our dreams were shattered!  / Lori Deeds (Wife)  Read >>
7 Years ago yesterday, our dreams were shattered!  / Lori Deeds (Wife)
Mike, I always hoped for a better outcome. You were my hero and always will be. I will always love you, until the day I die. When you left this earth, I fell apart. I thank God for having you in my life for the time we had. It was way too short but we sure had a lot of love and happiness. You were loved and respected by so many of your Clear Channel team. You had honesty, integrity, plus you were a so in your face type of man. I could tell the respect you received from, Jim, Dan, Monica, Chuck, Dave, Norm, Joey, Tony, Pieter, Dorothy, Ernie, Eddie, J.J., Mary, Joe, and Heather. I know how proud you would be of all of their accomplishments. I know there are even more people to mention, you know who you are. Jim & Rhonda are a happily married couple. Dan & Molly are also happily married. Monica took your advice and is remarried to a wonderful man, who treats her like the princess she is. They have a beautiful baby girl that was born last May21st. Norm & Jeanne are Grandparents to 2 little beauties.Chuck & Tami have a new little grandson. Dave Spivey has been my salvation. We talk often about you and your awesomeness. He helps me understand that life goes on and you would want me to be happy. Tony keeps your Memorial up to date. What a wonderful guy as you always said with the ugly shoes! Mary is Maggie's new Mommy. (Dilly) Maggie fits her better. She is so lucky to have Mary and Dean. We lost our Jeffrey 3 years ago, but I know that you already knew that. As Laurie says, you two are probably having some great talks. Charlie took over your position but was let go. Paul was also released from Clear Channel. I hear he is doing great. Kim Switzer is still the same fantastic guy he has always been. Some of your other so called friends, turned out not to be. But I guess you know that now. Pieter writes occasionally, he has a darling little girl. Joey got married, he sure looks happy. I have 3 grandchildren now. Shane is going to be 11 in July, Presley is 6 and Bellamy is 3. You would be so in love with these little girls. I know you watch over us. I feel your presence. Shane has such wonderful memories of you. Papa Mike always had his special time each week with Shane Michael. Presley's middle name is Michelle, just like you asked Shannon to do. You told her she was going to have a girl. We honor you and love you always. Shannon & Wade have been married for over 2 years and have a wonderful life. Stephanie is living with her boyfriend, Steve for almost 7 years and has done a wonderful job raising Shane. I have your picture hanging up, so I can see you everyday. I know you have seen everything that has gone on and the promises that were broken. But that is okay. I will always remember to do the right thing. You will always be my guiding light. I will always Love You, My Mr. Wonderful. You will always be my Guardian Angel! I love you to the moon and back. Mari & David got married and have a beautiful little boy named, Saul. Mari adored you Big Daddy. You will never be forgotten. Laurie Ward and I are still in contact. We met up in Vegas a couple of years ago, a tribute to Jeffrey. I love you so very much. Remember, the 3rd time was a charm for me. You've got to do it, until you get it right. XO, you did save the best for last. P.S. Heather is still the daughter you always wanted. Joe and Jolene's children are amazing and taking life by the horns. You would be so proud. I Miss you everyday. You also have a Great Man Child on the way. Love you always & forever Mike. XO, Lori Close
You are missed....  / Sigrid (Daughter)  Read >>
You are missed....  / Sigrid (Daughter)
Hi Dad, Boy, do I miss you! On Saturday Nic and I were outside washing the car and your song came on the radio. Thanks for letting me know that you were with us on the day that we got the great news. Yes, It's a Man Child. I know you had something to do with this. A boy.... we really wanted a girl. Ok, Andi and I did. Healthy is what's important. That's what you always told me. I still remember the pregnancy days. You took walks with me and brought me flowers from your rose trees. Something I will never ever forget. And yes, I will make sure that not everyone has their hands on the baby. I don't think I will be able to pull off the everyone staying outside and looking thru the window but I will give it a shot :) March 26th... your special day. Happy Birthday Dad! You are always on my mind and never forgotten. Love you...miss you... and Happy, Happy Birthday! Close
The Best Husband, Boss, Friend & Mentor  / Lori Deeds (Wife)  Read >>
The Best Husband, Boss, Friend & Mentor  / Lori Deeds (Wife)
It seems Like yesterday my fantasy man arrived. Your 65th bithday was amazing thanks to Jim, Monica, Dan, Chuck, Heather and Kimberly. You were so adored Mike. We knew what your wishes were and we understand. Thank you to Norm & Jeanne Gearhart, Dave Spivey ( my Salvation). We hope you and Jeffrey are enjoying each other's company. Thank you Kim Switzer, you are a jewel. Tony, you have done an amazing job. Dorothy, Mike adored you.Mary & Dean thanks for taking Dilly(Maggie into to home and hearts, Jasper, Jeanne, Nikki & Grant Hugs to you. Eddie & Allison you are wonderful. Orly and Barry & Pieter you are special. I could go on forever, but if I missed someone just let me know. You made Mike Happy. P>S> Dennis ,Tracy & Caden too! With Love and Gratitude. And yes Joey Gearhart, Jenny & Lenny XOXO Love, Lori Lee Deedsw  Close
The Best Man Ever!  / Lori Deeds (Wife)  Read >>
The Best Man Ever!  / Lori Deeds (Wife)


The Most Wonderful Man!  / Lori Deeds (Wife)  Read >>
The Most Wonderful Man!  / Lori Deeds (Wife)
It has been 4 years ago today that God had another plan. Mike You were the best husband friend and protector. I know how hard you tried to be strong and fight for your life. You still have the biggest fan club. You brought so much joy to my life. I often think of the song If I could turn back time. But I also know that life ain't always beautiful but what a beautiful ride it was with you. I hope you know the impact you made on so many lives and are still makng such an impact on others. You are missed so very much. I am thinking of you always you have a place in my heart that belongs to only you. I can remember your conversation with Heather on this morning 4 years ago. I also want you to know that I understand the adoration you had for that beautiful young lady who you would have wanted for a daughter. You were a lucky man to have surrounded yourself with Jim Dan Monica Norm Dave Joey Jasper Kim Dorothy Chuck Joe Tony Martin Eddie Ernie Kimberly Pieter Barry Gene and so many others. I felt the bond that you had with your wonderful circle of friends. I miss you and Jeffrey. I can just imagine the conversations you two are having. Thank you for all the love and devotion you bestowed upon me. I miss you my Mr. Wonderful. I want to thank all of your wonderful friends for being so loyal to you. Thank you Jim Poage Norm Gearhart Jasper Johnson Dave Spivey Dan Rossi and Kim Switzer for being the top quality men that you are. With Love  and Gratitude Lori Deeds P.S. Tony You have done the most amazing job with this memorial even if you wear ugly shoes:) You know you are always in style. Close
You were there for me  / Sunny Stewart (old friend )  Read >>
You were there for me  / Sunny Stewart (old friend )

Segrid and James So sorry to hear that you lost your dad. He was larger than life in every way. People like him are never supose to die its hard to imagine life without him. His love his big heart and smile will be remembered by many for a long time. He was "there" for me in a difficult time in my life as he was for many others. I appreciate you sharing him with me for a little while.

LOOK DOWN AND SMILE  / James Deeds (SON)  Read >>
I was just thinking about what it must be like looking down apon us seeing everything for the truth and what we really are. I think about that often and it probaly prevents me from doing anything foolish just knowing you can see me and know my thoughts. Speaking of truths i found something out that I believed to be there for the past 25 years that never was! Not quite sure how to react to that kind of guted me but nothing alot of counseling cant cure.. So i just hope that when you look down apon me I'm not the person you believed me to be not a duck but an Eagle!
Happy 4th Baby!  / Lori Deeds (Wife)  Read >>
Happy 4th Baby!  / Lori Deeds (Wife)
Hello My sweet man You will always have a piece of my heart. You brought me so much love & joy. I cherish the memories of all of our time together. I feel so much better knowing that I was the one to help you with all your medical needs. You were so much fun fair highly respected and just Being Big Daddy was what we all loved. It's so nice to see all your awesome team. Jim is my salvation Dan and Monica miss you so very much. So does Chuck. Oh yes and by the way Tony looked really good and such awesome shoes. Dorothy was there and she adored you too. I took her some flowers from us. She had really enjoyed the ones before from you. I missed seeing Mary but maybe next time.Well my Love you keep the memories alive and we sure had alot of great ones. You would be so in love with Lillian. She gets more beautiful every day. Dave is one great Man Father and Friend. We all miss you Our BIG DADDY! My soulmate and love of my life. Never will there ever be another Mike Deeds> We all love you and miss you Mr. Wonderful. Lots of Hugs and Kisses Love you to pieces Lori Lee Deeds Close
I wish I could have seen you again.  / Angela Heacock Filloon (friend)  Read >>
I wish I could have seen you again.  / Angela Heacock Filloon (friend)

Mike you were a friend to my family from the moment we moved in next door to you "big" Sigrid and "little" Sigrid. Everything about you was larger than life: you height your voice your attitude :) your dogs and most of all your heart. I have never forgotten you; you always made time for and gave attention to the little girl from next door...thank you.

Forver in our Hearts!  / Lori Deeds (Wife)  Read >>
Forver in our Hearts!  / Lori Deeds (Wife)
Hello my dear Mike It's hard to believe it's been 3 years since the world lost a wonderful man. I wish you could be enjoying these beautiful grandbabies with me. A 3rd one is on the way. Kim was thinking of how much fun you were and the teasing from you brings a smile to her face. Let Jeffrey know that Laurie and I are taking a trip in Juni to honor Jeffrey. Laurie will be taking over the gambling for Jeff. His sister-in-law and neighbor are also going. You are forever in our Hearts. Jim Dave J.J. Dan & Monica Kim & Tom do too. I hope you are keeping everyone in line except Jeff. No one can boss Jeff around. Love and Sweet Dreams Forever! Love Lori Close
Happy Birthday  / Lori Deeds (wife)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Lori Deeds (wife)
Hello Mike I just wanted to let you know that you were on my mind and in my heart. I thought about you all day yesterday. Things are so different without you here. I hope you and Jeffrey are having some great talks. Miss You and Love You Lori  Close
My Hero!  / Lori Deeds (Wife)  Read >>
My Hero!  / Lori Deeds (Wife)
If noone really knew us. There was so much love and gratitude. We cherished our time. No one can ever take away the memories (PRICELESS) I mourn your loss everyday Mike! Close
You are always with us Mike!  / Lori Deeds (Wife)  Read >>
You are always with us Mike!  / Lori Deeds (Wife)
Hi my Mr. Wonderful I just want you to know that we missed you tonight. Jim and Rhonda are such a blessing in my life. It's hard for me to realize that it has been over 2 years ago that you left all of us. Not a day goes by that I don't wish that I could turn back time. I got to see your girl Dorothy Monica is as beautiful as ever Dan looks great too. Chuck was there too. Thank you for the wonderful people that you brought into my life. Jeff Kim Dave Norm. Absolute jewels. I'm missing you more with each passing day. It hasn't gotten easier. But at least I was given the man of my dreams.( How many people get that experience?) You will always be my inspiration. I'm hoping to see your other daughter Heather tomorrow. I Love You Big Daddy. And yes we had a beautiful ride and memories to cherish. I will always love you Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lori Lee Deeds Close
Thank you!  / Hey Deeds   Read >>
Thank you!  / Hey Deeds


It took me some time to figure out what and when this was done!

Days after it was final the day after your birthday.Then 2 Years later I was notified what you had done for me!

Thank you!


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